Known Issues & Bugs

Know issues

Routing with vehicle=car is meant for racing bikes

Use via points for shorter distances (sometimes even less than 20 km).

Don't select interstate / major highways avoidance

See also below

See the Installation an other topics in this tips & tricks section to read more about how to use the maps. 

Align the compass (North Up) in View menu (Ctrl-N)

Route not aligned with the map?

Press Ctrl-N (or View->North Up)

Routing errors or unexpected long detours?

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Once in a while you will see that the GPS refuses to calculate a route, make long detours or just draw a straight line between the start and destination of a route. There can be several causes for this behaviour:

Settings in the GPS unit or Basecamp/Mapsource are not correct / optimal

Broken road network on Openstreetmap

Routes are too long to calculate

Car routing is not supported

Limited use for Walking/Hiking navigation 

Device transfer options (Basecamp 4.3.3. and later)

Different OFM version on GPS and Basecamp

Route chaos: OFM version from Basecamp and GPS are not from the same date.