Worldwide extracts

World wide map extracts are available at provided by Wolfram Schneider

You can select Openfietsmap Full version or the Lite version.

    • A customizable area can be chosen

    • Maximum file size is limited to 512 MB for free (Pro users can download more, which requires a monthly subscription fee).

    • Output formats are in Ascii (latin1) or Unicode (UTF-8).

    • Weekly updates from the OSM database

    • Extracts are in gmapsupp.img format so only dedicated to the GPS units (no Basecamp version provided). To view the maps in Basecamp, connect your GPS device or a micro Sd card to your desktop, or use a virtual drive.

    • Contour layers (40m) are also available separately

Known issues

  • UTF-8 is not supported by older devices and some Edge series so latin1 is recommended

  • If multiple map extracts are requested from BBBike, often the same map tile numbers. are generated. For every mapset the map ID numbers must be unique. This can be corrected with gmaptool and gmt.exe (command line tool).

With the following command line you can correct this:

gmt.exe -w -e +1000000 -m newmapsetname gmapsupp.img

In this command all tile numbers are augmented with 1000000, so for example 93020001 will be to 94020001 and so on

A world wide selection of countries was provided by Lambertus at; this website has been shutdown since 2022.

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