Worldwide extracts

World wide map extracts are available at provided by Wolfram Schneider

You can select Openfietsmap Full version or the Lite version.

    • A customizable area can be chosen

    • Maximum file size is limited to 512 MB for free (Pro users can download more, which requires a monthly subscription fee). Work around: maps can be combined with the OSM combiner tool

    • Output formats are in Ascii (latin1) or Unicode (UTF-8)*.

* UTF-8 is not supported by older devices and some Edge series so latin1 is recommended

    • Weekly updates from the OSM database

    • Extracts are in gmapsupp.img format so only dedicated to the GPS units (no Basecamp version provided). To view the maps in Basecamp, connect your GPS device or a micro Sd card to your desktop, or use a virtual drive.

    • Contour layers (40m) are also available separately

A world wide selection of countries was provided by Lambertus at (incl. OFM light version) but this website seems no longer maintained (?)

Links to other Garmin OSM maps