Participate on OSM & Report errors

The great idea behind Openstreetmap project is that you can edit the map yourself. You can help to make the maps better to join Openstreetmap. By improving the map in you own area you can have the latest and best map thats available, and for free! :-)

How do I participate in Openstreetmap (OSM)?

    • Please report errors or missing details by adding a note on the main map of (missing streets, streetnames, new bike paths, pois, broken routing etc). Registered users get a notification when the reported bug is handled or solved.

Add notes on the main map of

    • Errors concerning the rendering of the Openfietsmap: if you don't see the same error on the maps on it is possibly a bug in my map. Please report it to me (contact details below)

    • Visit the forum at (Dutch forum section here).

    • Take a look at the OSM bugs and errors database of Keepright. Here you can check why the routing is broken. In many cases roads are not connected properly.

    • Video tutorials about editing in Openstreetmap