Benelux (hiking layer)

This mapset is a non-routable transparent layer with OSM hiking route relations for the Benelux countries.

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    1. Download & unpack

    2. Place the OFM_hike folder to a directory of your choice (old versions can be overwritten by updates)

    3. Run install.exe

    4. If the previous release was installed as 'gmap' remove that version first (see below)

Mac OSX / gmap

    1. Download & unpack

    2. Run Javawa's Mapconverter

    3. Drag the file to this tool and it will install it automatically on your computer

Under Windows the gmap will be placed here (depending on the windows configuration):

    • C:\ProgramData\GARMIN\Maps

    • C:\Users\{user}\AppData\Roaming\GARMIN\Maps (hidden folder)

    • C:\documents and settings\all users\application data\garmin\map

To uninstall the mapset simply remove it.

Please note that this is not working for older Mapsource versions < 6.15!


Download the file and unpack it. Copy the gmapsupp.img file into a garmin folder on a (micro)SD card or internal memory from the GPS. On the latest GPS units you can rename 'gmapsupp.img' (eg OFM_hike.img) in order to use another mapset as background. Older units can only contain one mapset with the name gmapsupp.img. To use this hiking layer in combination with another mapset, both mapsets should be send with Mapsource or Basecamp/Mapinstaller to the GPS.