Osmand (Android / iOS)

Openfietsmap render style file for OSMAND (Android/IOS app)

To install the Openfietsmap (OFM) style for Osmand follow this procedure:

  1. Download the Openfietsmap-style.osf file to your device.

  2. Open or view it with the Osmand app.

  3. Osmand opens with an Import screen. Check the box behind Resources (0/1) and click on Continue

  4. If the OFM style sheet is already installed, choose Replace all

  5. Once the import is completed, click on the Rendering style to open it

  6. On some devices it can happen that Osmand shuts down. Reopen Osmand and check in the Configure Map settings to select the OFM style.

  7. Under Map rendering -> Mapstyle you can select the Openfietsmap map style

On some devices it may happen that the style is still not available. Follow the alternative procedure below:

Alternative way to install:

  1. Download the Openfietsmap.render.xml file to the default Osmand (e.g. Android/data/net.osmand/files/rendering) folder. Make sure Osmand app is closed. If there is no rendering folder within the osmand/files folder, create this sub folder.

  2. Open the app and go to the menu, select Configure Map > Map rendering: Mapstyle > Openfietsmap

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OFM style v14, Osmand v. 3.8 (24/09/2020)