Customize the map

The TYP files, such as 10010.TYP (OFM Benelux full version) 20010.TYP (OFM light version), define the layout of the map and can be adjusted. For instance if you don't like the colours of the roads/areas, want another map symbol, or want make the road-lines wider so it's better to see on your GPS.

You can edit TYP files with a TYP file editor, below are the two main editors TYP viewer and TYPwiz described. Also mentioned are a few custom typ files from Openfietsmap users that are available for download undereath the page.

Typ viewer

This French editor is a very handy off-line typ file editor, works better and faster than the online typ editor. It is finally translated into English, it can be downloaded at

TYP Wyz3 typ file editor

Custom Openfietsmap typ files

You can share your typ file here by sending me a screenshot and an adapted typ file. Please note that I can not maintain and update every typ file. To install the typ file on your device, you can use Javawa's typchangerIf you want to change a typ file on a map on your computer, then use Javawa GMTK

BikePC's TYP file (optimized for Garmin Edge series)

Streetname labels were too small. Adjusting the settings on Edge Explore to make the font of streetnames bigger doesn't have any effect.On the Garmin Cycle Map Europe this works fine.

Solution: with TypViewer (4.5.43)  edit all Polylines and replace FontStyle=SmallFont with FontStyle=Default.

Further edits: OFM's cycle route (dark blue)  is not visible with the active course dark purple.

Blue (00 00 FF) is replaced with  green (00 CC 00).

- Line 0x002 Sub 0x00 :

  "! c #0030FF" -> "! c #00CC00"

- Line 0x101 Sub 0x19 :

  "! c #0000FF" -> "! c #00CC00"

BikePC's fix for Garmin Edge firmware v. 21.16 or later:

Richard's TYP file

10140 Richard.typ

Antonin's drinking_water TYP:


- scaling up the pic for amenity=drinking_water

- removing the pics for benches and fences as they tend to bring too

much clutter in certain regions (especially because my GPS unit was

configured to display a lot of details, so that amenity=drinking_water

showed up at higher zoom levels).

Martijn's TYP file

Highlights the cycling and MTB routes for better visiblity on small Garmin screens.

Download custom TYP files