The Openfietsmap is focussed on cycleways (in red) and cycle routes (blue dashed lines). Roads with red dashed borders are cycle lanes and solid red borders for roads with limited motor vehicle traffic such as cycling streets.

Some examples:

  1. Compulsory cycleway (NL: G11 fietspad)

  2. Cycleway open for mopeds (NL:G12a)

  3. Cycleway (non compulsory) - often found in nature reserves like forests, heather etc (NL:G13)

  4. Cyclestreet (NL: fietsstraat)

  5. Tertiary road with cycling lanes

  6. Tertiary road + forbidden for cycling

  7. Secondary highway + forbidden for cycling

  8. Primary highway + forbidden for cycling

Path's and cycle routes

  1. Unclassified road + bike route

  2. Cycleway + bike route

  3. Unpaved path + MTB route

  4. Unpaved (hiking) path or track (soft surfaced)

  5. Unpaved path, cycling allowed

  6. Track road (solid, compacted tracktype)

Map example

Line types

The image and table below represents all line types that are used in the TYP file, they can be customized with a TYP file ditor, see this section for more information.

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