Combine hiking layer with OFM


Combine the hiking layer with Openfietsmap into one mapset:

    1. For the GPS or

    2. Basecamp or

    3. Create a new mapset for Mapsource/Basecamp with OSM Combiner

1. GPS

Latest Gps models can use several image files (simply rename gmapsupp.img into filename.img). Older units can only contain one gmapsupp.img file. To combine both maps into one mapset, use Mapsource (or Basecamp's Mapinstaller) to select and transfer them to your gps.

2. Basecamp

Viewing the combined map in Basecamp is only possible if the hiking layer and another mapset are combined in one file (gmapsupp.img). When you do this with Mapsource, make the mapset visible for Basecamp with Javawa's Device Manager. If this method won't work, follow step 3 below:

3. Javawa's OSM combiner

Use this method if you like to see a combined map simultanously in Mapsource/Basecamp.

    1. Download and install OSM Combiner

    2. Run OSM Combiner, select an output map

    3. Drag & drop as well as onto this tool

    4. Enter an unique Family ID, mapset name and unit name, select OFM_hike typ file and press start

    5. Once the mapset is ready, open the output folder in windows explorer and run install (make sure Mapsource and Basecamp are closed)

    6. Browse the new combined mapset in Mapsource or Basecamp