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Downloads & Installation:

To accelerate the download,  use a download manager (like Firefox's add-on Down-them-all or Free Download Manager)

  • Unpack the OFM_DE(dd-mm-yy).zip file and place the Openfietsmap(Germany or DBNL) folder to a location of your choice, e.g. C:\Garmin\Maps\OpenFietsMap(Germany) (or (DBNL))
  • Existing files from a previous version can be overwritten.
  • Run install.exe to install the map for Mapsource/Basecamp. You can safely move the map later to another location and run install.exe again to update it in Mapsource's register.
  • Depending on your windows configuration, you need to run install.exe as Administrator.

Alternative installation use the gmap procedure below:

Mac OSX (gmap format):

  • Download the OFM_DE(dd-mm-yyyy_gmap).zip file and unpack it. Doubleclick the folder "OpenFietsMap(Germany).gmap" to run Garmins Mapmanager, or open Garmin Mapmanager and locate the "OpenFietsMap(Germany).gmap" folder to install the map. Read the tips & tricks section how to use the maps
  • This gmap version can also used on Windows pc's. Just unzip the file and place it in the default Garmin map directory, no installation needed. A recommended tool to maintain your maps is Javawa GMTK.

  • Unpack OFM_DE(gmapsupp_dd-mm-yy).zip and copy the garmin folder on a microSD card or copy the gmapsupp.img in a garmin folder on the internal drive of the GPS
  • On modern Garmin GPS units you can give the gmapsupp.img a different filename.img
  • This GPS version can also be used on Android devices with the Oruxmap app.
  • Do not copy different versions of the same mapset onto the micro SD card or GPS, otherwise the map will not show! This also counts for the combination Germany+BNL, don't copy another BNL mapset onto the same SD card.

Germany (OFM_DE)
3D view in Basecamp

Germany + Benelux (discontinued)

Please note this version (May 2021)  will not be updated anymore. It is discontinued due to size limits (>4 Gb) and other compilation issues.

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