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    Benelux (full version)

    • :  version for GPS plus installer for Basecamp/Mapsource (Windows)
    This file contains  a GPS version (gmapsupp.img) to install the map directly on the GPS/SD card and also an installer (setup.exe) to install the map in Mapsource or Basecamp (Windows/PC).
    • To install the Openfietsmap on the pc, unpack the zip file to a random folder and run setup.exe. The old version is removed automatically. Don't move gmapsupp.img to another place before running setup.exe because this file contains all the tiles!
    • To install the Openfietsmap on your GPS, copy the gmapsupp.img to a Garmin folder on (micro)SD card or internal memory. Putting the map on a Micro SD card is recommended to avoid problems with booting in case of map errors.
    • Do not copy different versions of the same mapset onto micro SD card or GPS, otherwise the map will not show!
    Read the installation menu for more details. 
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    Cartography: ©
    Map data:  © Openstreetmap contributors
    Dutch address data: BAG/Kadaster
    Belgium (Flanders) address data: CRAB/AGIV.BE

    Full version in Basecamp