OpenFietsMap is a free routable cycling map for Garmin ® GPS units*. The map is based on data from OpenStreetMap creates and provides free geographic data such as street maps to anyone who wants them. This map is not suitable for car/motorbike navigation, motorways are not routable.

Cartography: ©
Map data:  © Openstreetmap contributors

*) Android smartphones/tablets with the Oruxmaps app can also read the Openfietsmaps (as non routable layer). An Openfietsmap style for Osmand is in development.


In the download section you can find a version for the GPS which includes a Windows installer to install the map automatically in Mapsource or Basecamp on your pc. There is also a Mac version (gmap) for Garmin Basecamp available.  The Benelux light version does not include contour lines and has limited landuse forms (no buildings, grass- and farmlands etc). Suitable for users with older devices (old Etrex series, GPSmap 60, Edge 705).

OpenFietsMap Benelux covers Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg as well as a small border area (Germany and N-France). Main focus of the map is on cyclists, so the routing will try to follow cycling lanes and routes as much as possible. Car routing is not supported.

The Openstreetmap data in the Netherlands is quite detailed since the the donation of the complete streetnetwork by AND in 2007. However, a lot of cyclepaths were not part of this AND network and has to be added by volunteers. Thanks to their participation the OSM data is now quite accurate in some regions and still getting better, but unfortunately this is not everywhere the case yet.

It would be great if the users of this map can participate in the Openstreetmap project to make the OSM map even better.

This can be done by reporting errors, adding GPS tracks to the map database, adding or editing missing roads and bike paths, adding waypoints etc. For more info visit the participating section.

Screen shot from Garmin Basecamp

What is available on OpenFietsMap?
  • Topographic data with contour lines (5 m interval)
  • cycling routes, paths and cycling-nodes ('fietsknooppunten')
  • routable for cyclists and pedestrians (not suitable for car navigation)
  • address data  with housenumber search (complete for the Netherlands, elsewhere incomplete)


This version includes contourlines (10m interval).

OFM Germany


This mapset covers almost whole Europe, contour lines (25m interval) are included.


Other countries

See the download section for more extracts

Features not supported / known bugs

Issue / bug
automobile routing not supported
Routing with vehicle=car is meant for racing bikes

postcode/housenumber search
Postal code search is not supported;
Housenumbers are searchable if mapped on OSM; housenumbers in the Netherlands are extracted from the Dutch BAG dataset and almost complete
long distance routing
Use via points for distances > 20 km

Routing doesn't cross tile borders (Mapsource/Basecamp)
Select "toll roads" avoidance and use many via points; Don't select interstate / major highways avoidance

Bicycle routing is weird (Basecamp)
Use automotive profile instead of bicycle profile

See trips & tricks for more info


Using this software is at your own risk

Because the map data are mainly based on volunteer activity, the quality of the road data and the level of detail from the underlying Openstreetmap data varies from region to region. Bicycle paths and routes may not be on the map, or roads may not be connected very well. This can cause that the route calculation isn't always accurate or reliable.  Also the map software is still under development and not supported by Garmin, so inefficient routes caused by bugs in the software still occur.


Mapdata © Openstreetmap contributors
Cartography & documentation ©
Tile names 
SRTM Data © U.S. Geological Survey and Jonathan de Ferranti (

Openfietsmap is available for personal use. Further distribution or commercial use
is not allowed without attribution and permission from

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