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Download or Installation problems?

Problems with downloading?
  • Use download manager to increase the download speed or to resume a partial download that is not finished without losing data
  • Try another browser (Firefox is recommended) to download the files or clear the cache first
  • Disable the anti-virus software temporarily when downloading the files
  • Some virus scanners can have problems with downloading large files from the openstreetmap server. Using a download manager or changing the default setup of the virus scanner (setting a limit to 175MB) might help:

 settings in Eset/nod32

Anti-Virus  (false positive) warnings

Some Anti-Virus programms can complain about the installer.exe files and will block it or delete it. It is likely a false positive warning (confirmed by Avast). If you are not sure, you can skip the installation  and use Javawa's Mapconverter:

The installer.exe is only a small programm that writes the maps to the windows registry. Not even needed if you install the maps either with Mapset toolkit or Javawa's Mapconverter. The last one is the most convenient. Just drag and drop the whole zip file (even a cleaned one by the anti-virus software)  onto Javawa's Mapconverter and  choose convert & install.

Can't extract or corrupt zip file?

  • Try downloading it again. It is likely that the previous download has not been succesfully completed
  • Try to extract the zip file with 7-zip
  • Disable / check your anti-virus settings

Installation problems?

  1. Never install the map when Mapsource or Basecamp is opened. Try to reinstall it when they are closed.
  2. Read the Mapsource/Basecamp sections first to check if the maps are 'hidden' for some reason.
  3. Use GMTK or Mapset Toolkit to check if the maps are installed properly
  4. Windows 7 users might try to run the setup.exe/install.exe in Compatibility mode for Windows XP or Vista.
  5. Depending on your windows configuration: try right-click on the installer and run as administrator
  6. If all fails, uninstall the map and try the Mac/gmap format (Benelux maps) or convert the maps with Javawa Mapconverter

Map is not visible on the GPS?

  1. Make sure the map is activated in the map setup menu.
  2. Don't activate other maps (except the Basemap)
  3. Do NOT copy several versions of the same mapset onto SD card or GPS memory
  4. Check your SD card with Javawa Device Manager to analyse possible conflicts
  5. Mapinstall from Basecamp 4.7.0 (latest release) contains a bug, maps installed with a windows installer are not transfered correctly. See for a workaround the tutorial on

Map details missing on the GPS?

  1. Check the display of the map, make sure the mode is set on Day instead of Auto or Night
  2. Check in the Marine settings if the Marine Chart mode is OFF
  3. Turn shaded relief OFF in the advanced map settings
  4. Try higher detail settings in the advanced map settings or check the zoom levels
  5. Check the map on if the details that you are looking for are visible