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Basecamp 3.2

For an optimal map view, please make sure all line elements are turned on:


Set the activity profile to bicycling and use the following settings:

Recommended settings:
  • Set the slider of road selection one step right from the middle towards highways (shorter distance) or use faster time/slider in the middle. Slider set to highways force the route to use cycleroutes.
  • Try to avoid: nothing selected
  • Avoid unpaved roads will not use tracks, (foot)paths, steps, cobblestone roads
  • Avoid toll roads will use bicycle routes only (alternative: road selection slider set to higways)
  • Carpool lanes: avoids unpaved roads, footways, steps and gravel bike paths.
  • To avoid oneway streets that are accessible for cyclists in both directions (but not tagged on osm with cycleway=opposite) setting the transportation to pedestrian will do the trick. Unpaved roads is checked to avoid footways, steps etc.