Maps on SD-card (plug & play)

***SD card service is temporarily unavailable until further notice***

In co-operation with,  you can order the following cycling route maps on micro SD card (from €15-40 excl. shipping). You can plug this SD card directly in your Garmin GPS to use it, no further installation needed. Most maps are delivered with an installation file to install the maps on the pc (Windows only). You can also view the map on your computer with Garmin's Basecamp by connecting the GPS to the computer, SD card from a cardreader or from virtual disk.

Maps with GPS tracks:
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OpenFietsMap region


Benelux & Germany

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 Benelux/N-France/W. Germany/
N. Switzerland, England, Wales, Ireland

Fietsen in Bourgondië

Benelux, France, Spain, Portugal

 Canal du Midi & Canal de Garonne
Benelux, France, Spain, Portugal


Fietsroute "El Cid"

S-France, Spain, Portugal


 Fietsen door Zwitserland
Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria + surrounding countries
Incl. GPS track



Fietsen rond het Kanaal

Benelux/N-France/W. Germany/
N. Switzerland, England, Wales, Ireland


Reitsma's Route naar Rome

for cycling routes to Rome: Benelux, France (E), Germany (W/S), Switzerland, Austria (W), Italy


Maps without GPS tracks:

GPS map

Benelux, France, Spain, Portugal
Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Slovenia, Italian and French Alps


Great Britain/Ireland
England, Wales, Scotland
Ireland / N. Ireland
Faroe Islands



Scandinavia, Baltic States





Benelux, Germany,
W. Poland, Czech Republic,
N. Switzerland, Austria, NW Hungary




(16 Gb micro SD card)