A newer improved and user-friendly tool is available: OSM Combiner

OSM_combi is a Windows batch script to combine mapsets to view them simultaneously in Mapsource.
It is based on gmaptool (gmt.exe) and mkgmap (mkgmap.jar).  Download & unpack OSM_Combi.zip into a directory of your choice.

The zip file contains the following files & folders:

is the Windows batch script

OSM_combi.ini is the configuration file for the combined mapset (family name, family ID, typ file, create a gmapsupp version). Edit this ini file to your choice.

To run mkgmap, Java Runtime Environment is necessary.  Check this on the Java website.

Edit the following parameters in the osm_combi.bat file if there isn't enough memory available to run Java (creating a gmapsupp image for the new mapset at least 1 Gb memory is needed):

:: specify java memory
set jmem=512m

Input folder

Put in this folder the zipped archives, gmapsupp.img's or individual img tiles that needs to be combined. The zip files are automatically extracted (& renamed if needed), split in individual img's and moved to the 'Map' folder

Map folder

In this folder mkgmap will create a new mapset from the img tiles that are stored here.

Individual image tiles (e.g. from osm_routable_tiles.zip or an already installed mapset) can be copied to this map as well, but make sure no mapset index img files are included. Index img's are recognised by their combination with the filename.tdb:
  • 10100000.img / 1010000_mdr.img and 1010000.tdb from Openfietsmap(BNL)
  • 63240000.img / 63240000_mdr.img and 63240000.tdb from OSM World Routable
  • 63440000.img / 63440000_mdr.img and 63440000.tdb from Openfietsmap Lite
  • OFM_EU.img / OFM_EU_mdr.img and OFM_EU.tdb from the Openfietsmap(Europe)
Install the mapset

After the batch script is finished, move all files from the Map folder to a destination folder of your choice and run install.exe. For an alternative installation as gmap you can use Javawa Mapconverter.

Examples folder

In the Examples folder you can find examples of batch & ini files:
  • OFM BNL (full & light) with OFM_hiking layer (ofm_hike.ini/ofm_hike.bat)
  • OFM BNL + OFM Germany (ofm_dbnl.ini/ofm_dbnl.bat)
  • OSM World routable with OFM_hiking layer or contour lines (osm_wrld.ini/osm_wrld.bat)
You can run the *.bat file directly from the Examples folder.

Typ files folder
  • notypfile.txt [Don't use any typ file]
  • mapnik.txt [Mapnik typ file for OSM World Routable]
  • OFM.txt [typ file for Openfietsmap BNL/Light/Germany/EU]
  • OFM_hike.txt [typ file for Openfietsmap & Hiking layer]
Some examples for the use of these typ files:
  • OSM World routable mapsets (mapnik.txt or notypfile.txt)
  • OSM World routable & hiking layer (mapnik.txt)
  • OSM World routable & contourlines  (mapnik.txt or notypfile.txt)
  • OFM_EU & contourlines (OFM.txt)

Examples of contour line sets are Computerteddy's Europe set or osm.thkukuk.de
Combinations of contour lines work better in Basecamp. In Mapsource contour layers can be invisible because it's displayed underneath another mapset.

Resources folder

mkgmap.jar                    Mkgmap programm to compile OSM data into Garmin format
gmt.exe                          gmaptool to split gmapsupp.img into individual img tiles
makensis.exe / Stubs     NSIS compiler to make an executable installer/uninstaller
installer_template.nsi     Template for the nsis installer
7z.exe                             File archiver from http://www.7-zip.org/

Usage Example

Combining OSM World routable map (some country set) with OFM_hiking layer.

A. Download from http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl a country set, select one of these maps below, and save it in the osm_combi\input folder
  1. osm_routable_gmapsupp.zip
  2. osm_routable_tiles.zip
B. Download the gmapsupp.zip from the Openfietsmap hiking layer and save it in the Input folder

C. Adapt the OSM_Combine.ini file

Change the line input-file=typ-files\Mapnik.txt

 osm_combi.ini file:
 #specify your mapset settings here:


# create an image file for gps device (optional, remove # to use it)

# nsis installer file

# input-file for map-layout (typ file)

# allways end with empty line:


Run osm_wrld.bat directly from the Examples folder. The settings are already adjusted (please note that the path is different (input-file=..\typ-files\mapnik.txt) because the script is called from a subdirectory).

D. Run OSM_combine.bat:

 This will create a mapset with the following settings:
Mapname: OSM_Combi
Family-id: 20123
Typ file: typ-files\mapnik.txt
Press any key to continue

If everything is fine, press any key to continue, otherwise press Crtl-C and
adjust the settings in osm_combine.ini

gmt v0.5.9.2949 (C) AP
Split map Input\gmapsupp.img.
Write map 50010001 -> 50010001.img
Write map 50010002 -> 50010002.img
Write map 50010003 -> 50010003.img
Processing mkgmap....

Finished, you can now install the mapset
Press any key to quit

E. Install the mapset

Move the  OSM_Combi\Map to a destination folder of your choice and run install.exe

F. The map can be viewed now in Mapsource or Basecamp: