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change the typ file in gmapsupp.img

posted Mar 7, 2011, 10:56 AM by OpenFietsMap nl   [ updated Aug 13, 2011, 4:22 AM ]
The gmapsupp.img file has by default a layout where the roads have thick borderlines. This is controlled by a typ file (10010.TYP). For older GPS units (Etrex, GPSmap) it is preferred to show roads with lighter or no borderlines, this is the controlled by a typ file, 10010a.typ/20010a.typ.

You can change this in the gmapsupp file, by running changetypfile.bat. This file is included in the installation.

This batch script will run gmt.exe, a small programm that replace the typ file within the gmapsupp by another one (in this case 10010a.typ): gmt .exe -w -x 10010a.typ gmapsupp.img

Typ file 10010a.typ can be replaced by any other typ file, as long as the Family ID is the same as the mapset (Benelux full version: 10010, light version: 20010).

gmt (gmaptool) is a programm for joining and splitting maps in Garmin img format.
It is developed by Andrzej Popowski, http://www.anpo.republika.pl/download.html#gmaptool