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25-02-2010 / changing cycleroute colours

posted Feb 25, 2011, 8:45 AM by OpenFietsMap nl   [ updated Mar 21, 2011, 2:44 AM ]
Light version updated

Changes in typ file:

labels invisible small font
0x02 *)
NCN route all bike routes contains streetnames/routenames, green pattern (blue in 20010a.typ)
0x08      small error in bitmap
NCN/RCN NCN, NCN/RCN  NCN (LF) moved from 0x02
0x19 green RCN purple RCN  green was not visible on gps
0x27  lcn labels invisible  small font  added a 'highway' shield to lcn ref's
 0x1a  orange mtb
 green mtb
 back to old layout
 0x10010    blue oneway=-1  
 0x10011    grey oneway=-1
 oneway except for bicycles
 0x10019  purple line
 green line
 blue in 20010a.typ

In order to make streetnames and routenames visible, all cycle routes are now rendered under Garmin type 0x02 (the lower the highway type, the higher the draw priority). They are still rendered under types 0x19, 0x27 and 0x2b too, but this might change. Is it better to display all bike routes with the same colour or not? Please let me know.

Om alle straatnamen en fietsroute benamingen zichtbaar te kunnen maken, worden alle fietsroutes gerenderd onder
garmin type 0x02. Hoe lager het type nummer hoe hoger de tekenvolgorde. De fietsroutes worden ook nog gerenderd onder de types 0x19, 0x27 en 0x2b maar dit kan worden aangepast. Misschien is het beter alle fietsroutes in dezelfde kleur weer te geven? Graag uw reaktie .

Typ viewer
To experiment with the 0x02 colours, I recommend to use this typ editor. This French editor is a very handy off-line typ file editor, works better and faster than the online typ editor. It is finally translated into English, it can be downloaded at  http://opheliat.free.fr/michel40/TYPViewer3.5