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posted Oct 21, 2011, 1:27 PM by OpenFietsMap nl
Full version update

Routing for pedestrians in Mapsource didn't work very well (cycleways were avoided) so the cycleways had to move from the highest road_class (4) to road_class 3. This leaves only the bicycle routes in the highest road_class ("main highways"). If  the routing preference in Mapsource/Basecamp is set to highways (slider to the right) the route will prefer to choose bike routes, meaning a bigger detour but a more scenic route.  On the GPS, shorter/faster time will prefer bike routes and thus a detour (so shorter 'time' doesnt make any sense ;-))
Route calculation time can be longer in this mode and often breaks, so try shorter distance if this fails.

New/changed line types

Freight train tracks (Goederenspoorlijnen) are rendered differently now from normal railways (only at highest zoomlevels). OSM: railway=rail, service=* or usage=industrial

Paths 0x0a and 0x0d have a different pattern (0x0e is unchanged)

Tunnels are moved (back) to a routable line type 0x09:

New poi icons

Leisure=bird_ hide (Bird watch spot/Vogelkijkhut). Searchable via Recreation>Park/Garden

natural=rock | natural=stone | geological=*

historic=archaeological_site, site_type=megalith (Megalithic sites)