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posted Nov 18, 2011, 10:23 AM by wizardofoh.nl   [ updated Nov 18, 2011, 10:30 AM by OpenFietsMap nl ]
Full version update:

OSM tag
old version 2011-11-04
Garmin type

new version

Highway & opening_hours 10016 line 2808 poi access restrictions moved to a POI
highway=pedestrian  & bicycle=yes -
10016 line red line, grey surface overlay
smoothness=bad|horrible|impassable -
2809 poi
barier=gate 2f00 poi 3200 poi with ext. info (bicycle=yes/no, type of gate)
barrier=lift barrier 281b poi 3201 poi with ext. info (bicycle=yes/no, type of gate)
barrier=stile 1107
3202 poi with ext. info (bicycle=yes/no, type of gate)
barrier=cycle_barrier, kissing_gate 1107
3203 poi with ext. info (bicycle=yes/no, type of gate)
amenity=cafe 4600 poi 2a0e poi Moved from entertainement to food & drink category
amenity=bench 2f0c poi 5001 poi no extended info, not searchable on GPS
tourism=picnic_site 4a00 poi 2f0c poi with extended info (bbq, covered, toilets), searchable in auto services>rest area
highway=cycleway & bicycle=no

5600 poi No access to cycleway