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OFM_EU combined

Instructions to combine all four mapsets


1) Unzip all four zip files to a folder of your choice, eg. C:\Garmin\Maps\OFM_EU2013
2) Run Install_OFM_EU_??.exe to register all the mapset(s) in Mapsource/Basecamp. Make sure Mapsource / Basecamp is not active during the installation!

If you already have installed one map, ignore the warning message from the uninstaller, the maps will not be deleted, only the register will be updated.

3) Unzip in this folder too and run Install_OFM_EU_2013.exe (installation takes a split second). The combined mapset does not have a working index yet (map is too big). Use the mapset sections for searching and sending tiles to the GPS, and use the big combined map for route planning.

Windows users can also follow the Mac OSX / gmap procedure.

Mac OSX (gmap):

1) Download and install Javawa's Mapconverter (
to convert and install the zip files directly.

2) To make a combined map, copy all 10131001-10137136.img files into an empty folder.
OFM_EU_xx_2013.* index files and 1013x.typ files are not needed.

3) Unpack into this folder too.
Necessary files are OFM_EU_2013.img, OFM_EU_2013.tdb and 10130.typ.

4) Drag this folder to the Javawa's Mapconverter and it will convert and install it. This process takes a while.

Please note that this combined mapset does not have a working index yet. Use the individual mapsets for searching.