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There are four areas for the pc version:
  • N1 - Great Britain, Ireland, Faroe Islands
  • N2 - Scandinavia, Baltic countries
  • W  - Western Europe
  • E - Eastern Europe
The GPS version  contains 7 sections:
  • N1 - Great Britain, Ireland, Faroe Islands
  • N2 - Scandinavia, Baltic countries
  • W  - Western Europe:
    • W3 - Benelux, N.France
    • W4 - Germany, Poland, Czech Rep, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary
    • W5 - S. France, Iberian Peninsula
    • W6 - Italy, Western Balkans
  • E - Eastern Europe

Based on © Openstreetmap data 16-03-2013
Contour lines (25m interval) are included in all mapsets.

Tip: use a download manager to accelerate the download speed (
like Firefox's add-on Down-them-all or Free Download Manager)

If installation fails or the anti-virus programm detects a suspicious installer (probably a false positive detection),  Windows users can also follow the Mac/gmap procedure below.

If this all sounds too complicated, check out the ready-to-use maps on SD-card!

Hosting kindly provided by the Universität Wuppertal ; click here if your browser doesn't show the files


  1. Unpack the OFM_EU2013_*.zip file and place it to a location of your choice, e.g. C:\Garmin\Maps\OpenFietsMap(EU2013) or C:\Garmin\Maps\OFM_EU2013_xx
  2. You can install the several sections (N1, N2 etc) in the same directory (convenient for step 6)
  3. Existing maps from EU version 2012 have a different ID so no need to remove them (unless you need disk space of course)
  4. Run Install_OFM_EU2013_*.exe to install each mapset into the registry of Basecamp/Mapsource (this takes only  a few seconds).
  5. You can safely move the map later to another location and run install.exe again to update Mapsource's register.
  6. Optional, for experienced users: Make a combination of all four sections.
    Download and unpack to an emtpy folder and follow the instructions.
  7. Read the tips & tricks section how to use the maps

Mac OSX (gmap format):
  1. Install and run Javawa's Mapconverter to convert and install the zip file.
  2. Just drag and drop the zip file on this tool is all.  Also compatible for Windows users.
  3. Please note that this procedure needs at least twice of free disk space!
  4. Read the tips & tricks section how to use the maps

  • Unpack OFM(EU_2013_xx_GPS).zip and copy the garmin folder with gmapsupp.img on a micro SD card or to the internal drive of the GPS (SD card is recommended).
  • On modern GPS units you can rename gmapsupp.img to a different filename.img in order to use more mapsets
  • You can use the gps mapsets with Basecamp (with a SD card reader or GPS connected to the pc)

If you really like the maps and encourage me to make them better, a donation will be appreciated!



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