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Europe (2012)

Note: a newer version of this map is available here

  • This mapset covers the central and western part of Europe (including contour lines)
  • Because the large amount of data (>5 Gb!) this mapset does not fit in one gmapsupp.img file for the GPS.
  • For a more up-to-date map, use the worldwide OFM Lite from
  • License: Cartography: ©   
  • License Map data: CC-BY-SA © Openstreetmap contributors

 Mapset Revision Description size
 04-04-2012 version for pc
4,0 Gb
 5,4 Gb
version for GPS:

 contains two files:
  3,1 Gb 
2,5 Gb
1,7 Gb
 OFM_EU_SRTM(gmapsupp).zip contour lines:
gmapsupp.img (for GPS)
 0,8 Gb
1,1 Gb


  • Download and unpack the Openfietsmap(EU).zip file and place the folder to a location of your choice. If your unpack software can't handle this large file, please use 7zip
  • You can replace the existing files from the previous version, or run the uninstaller first to remove the old version.
  • Run install.exe to register the map for Mapsource/Basecamp.
Mac OSX / gmap format:
  • Use Javawa's Mapconverter : download and drag the Openfietsmap(EU).zip file to this tool and it converts and installs the map.
  • Also compatible for Windows users
  • Please note that this procedure will take more time and  it needs at least 15 Gb free disk space.


  • Newer GPS units: copy the gmapsupp.img files to a micro SD card (in a garmin folder!)  or use Garmin's Mapinstall (Basecamp) or Mapsource to select the tiles that you need and send it to GPS or micro SD card (faster if you use a card reader).
  • Older GPS units: since only one file can be copied to a micro SD card (in a garmin folder) and this file name must be called gmapsupp.img,  either gmapsupp_n.img or gmapsupp_z.img (renamed to gmapsupp.img) can be put on a micro SD card.  If you want contour lines included too, you have to make your own mapset with Garmins Mapinstall (Basecamp) or Mapsource


See Tips & tricks

Contour lines

Contour lines are now included in the map as separate tiles. They overlap the OFM map tiles (please note this when sending tiles to your GPS!) and in some areas there are still voids. The contour lines are based on SRTM NASA data  and Jonathan de Ferranti and compiled by Thorsten Kukuk.  See his website for the procedure and more (complete mapset for whole Europe and the US for the GPS).